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CD ©1999 rude noises 009
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das max nagl trio beim checken
Max Nagl – altosaxophone
Paul Skrepek – drums
W.V.Wizlsperger – bass

This is the more conventional side of Austrian saxophonist Max Nagls oeuvre, the other being a roller-coaster ride of sample, crazy juxtapositions and his own multi-instrumental flair. Here his sax carries flashes of an array of influences, including Ornette Coleman, though the music is nearer that of Joseph Jarmans wonderful trio with Johnny Dyani and Don Moye. Since the 1960s this musical territory has too often been usurped by those with only angst and anger - or nothing - to express. Nagl does not just possess an immeasurably wider emotional palette, he has a profound grasp of how to play (in both senses of the word) with shape, structure and light and shade. The other players - bassist Vincenz Wizlsperger and drummer Paul Skrepek - are up to the leader´s stunning levels of invention and flexibility, as they flick from robustness to fragility ...
John Shand, The Sydney Morning Herald, February 2001



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